What Is The magicJack magicApp?

If you have been interested in saving money on your cell phone bill then perhaps the new magic Jack App is for you. Previous versions of the device have either had their shortcomings or don’t provide quite the convenience than an App could. The original device requires a computer, which often creates unfixable functionality problems due to differences in individual computers. In order to combat this issues the company developed the magicJack plus which takes things a step further by allowing direct connect to a regular telephone. A great advancement but one that still requires a landline telephone, and home ridden phone line. In taking things a step further in the products evolution they are soon coming out with the App. With the App you will get all of the benefits of magic Jack while being able to make your calls directly from your cell phone. Imagine that, whenever you are on Wi-Fi (and possibly 3G) you will have unlimited minutes through your the App, from you smartphone, for just $20 a year.

And believe it or not but the deal gets even sweeter! Initial reports are saying that the App and calls will be free if you are already a magicJack user and are simply making calls to other users. However if are a current customer and want to make calls to landlines and mobile numbers you will have to pay a small $10 licensing fee. If you are a new user you will have to pay the standard $40 for the first year of service with all future years costing just $20 each.

The magicJack plus is suppose to be released in early July with reports stating that the magic jack App should be released at or near the same time. The initial release is only expected to cover computers, iPhones, and Ipads with an Android and Blackberry compatible App coming soon thereafter.

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17 Responses to What Is The magicJack magicApp?

  1. Marisol says:

    I want to use my magic jack in my tablet, that is posible?

  2. Dan Bergeron says:


    Glad to hear about an APP for MagicJack…

    Any way we could also use it directly from Asterisk PBX ?

  3. Anthony Machacek says:

    how do I import my existing office numbre with verizon to my MJ plus?

  4. Geo Atalla says:

    I am in Canada can I import my Canadien number to magicjack plus.

  5. Patricia Webster says:

    My husband is living and working in Saudi Arabia. He does not have internet connection in his house because he uses internet phone number provided by internet cards that he buys every month. His land line phone is not set up for long distance but only for local calls on his compound. We are trying to determine if he will be able to use the MJ Plus. Please let us know ASAP.

  6. Ronald Wasser says:

    can I use my mobile Hotspot / modem on my cell phone to connect through the magic Jack plus as the modem connection?

  7. Liz Nelson says:

    I have MJ installed and it works great, but I installed all the numbers and names of contacts, but when they call it only shows the phone number calling and not who is calling. Previously it announced who was calling. Is this feature not available on MJ.

  8. Herb says:

    I am in Canada and would like to transfer my land line phone over to Magic Jack. When I try to transfer it says it is not available. Is it automatically available with the MJ Plus or does a person have to wait until the service is available?

    Anybody out there in Canada that has beena ble to transfer there land line to MJ?

  9. Eddie Smith says:

    For some weird reason, via my desktop PC, I can’t get on the MagicJack website. I have no problem getting on with my netbook, but not my desktop. Because of that, I can’t update my MagicJack or do a MagicFix.

    I mean… is it something with my PC? I do have the latest version of Flash… I think.

  10. RC says:

    Does magicjack have an Android app for Samsung Galaxy?

  11. derek says:

    we just picked up our second magic jack. the first one worked great i loved it ,it got ripped off ,this one sucks keeps going to magic app screen displaying “The Installation associated with your computer is invalid.

  12. Merle Schnick says:

    I have my MJ+ plugged in to the power adapter, and my phone and my home network cat5 cable plugged in to the MJ+, and all works great. I even had my old home phone nber transferred. People calling me or that I call have no idea I am using MJ+. I can see the MJ+ on my network from my PCs. I have a router with Wi-Fi plus the wired cat5 cabled ports, which is how my Wi-Fi iPod Touch 4th Gen 32GB communicates with the Internet. Will there be an App to let me use my iPod Touch 4g over Wi-Fi to connect with the MJ+ , also on my home network

  13. Shama says:

    Hi I have been using the magic jack app and had to update my phone so it was restored .. I then had to reinstall the magic jack along with the other apps that were removed but when I get the prompt to enter my email at login it does not accept my email and I have not changed my email address .. Please help

  14. Beatriz says:

    Im so glad having both the first magic jack and now I bought the magic jack plus, the only thing is that I cant get rid of the older because this one is on all regisster of my devices, but Im still happy with the new one the only thing is I cant have it in my iPod touch neither in my ipad. TKS MAGIC JACK

  15. Khadija says:

    Can I talk free on magic jack to New Jersey

  16. Jim Hupe says:

    How do I answer my MagicJack on my iPAD?

  17. Troy Thomas says:

    Since updating the app on my Iphone to version 3.8 I find the phone numbers in the recent call list extremely hard to read. White lettering on a gray background does not provided enough contrast.

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