Frequently Asked Questions About magicJack

What Is magicJack?
It is a revolutionary land line line style telephone service, except that it isn’t run through actual telephone lines but rather is processed and sent over the internet via VoIP technology. The company and service is referred to as ‘magicJack’ with various different devices that actually facilitate the process.

What Is The magicJack Plus?
It is an updated version of the original magicJack device. Updates on this device include HD Voice and Echo Control that dramatically increase sound quality along with the ability to bypass a computer and hook the device directly into an RJ-45 Ethernet port.

What Is 2014 magicJack Plus wifi?
It is the latest third gen device from the company. It is similar to the magicJack plus but comes with a better processor that has elevated call quality to new heights. It also comes with an SDIO slot on the side and the words wifi printed on it. It’s still a mystery as to what this is for, with some saying the company hopes to offer triple play internet and TV services eventually. Others downplay this suggestion and merely state that with a future firmware upgrade it is simply to allow the device to work via wifi instead of having to plus it into a modem or router.

How Much Does The Device And Service Cost?
It requires an upfront free of $49.95 for the device and the first six months of telephone service. Future years of service cost just $29.95 each with discounts available if you purchase multiple years at one time.You can purchase a 5-year plan for $99.95 thus lowering the yearly cost to just $19.95 each. Currently the company is offering a 100% risk free 30 day free trial. Anyone can take advantage of this free trial to see if the device is right for you.

If I get the device can I keep my current telephone number?
Yes, for a fee they allow users to port their number. Although not all numbers are available for porting the majority are so you will have to check with the company about yours specifically.

What features does it come with?
It comes with all of the standard features you have come to expect on our landline phone plus additional features for free that you typically have to pay for with a traditional phone company. For a complete list see our magic Jack features post.

How do I make calls with the device?
Simply hook your magic Jack up to your computer and follow the installation process. Once finished you can either hook a regular telephone up to the other end of your magicjack or you can begin making calls straight from your computer via their PC softphone. With the plus you bypass the need for a computer and can simply hook it directly into your router or modem, no installation required.

How many minutes does the it come with?
It comes with unlimited minutes to the United States and Canada.

Does it include long distance calls for free?
Yes, it includes unlimited local and long distance calling for no additional cost.

What about international calling?
In order to make international calls with magic Jack you will need to purchase credits in advance. International calling rates vary by country but they are generally less than you can expect to pay with other companies.

What if I am having technical or billing difficulties?
If you are having problems getting your phone to work correctly you need to visit the official site and follow the onsite instructions to use their customer service chat feature.

If there are any FAQs missing that you think should be here please leave a comment or contact us through our contact form and we’ll consider adding them to this page.

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5 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions About magicJack

  1. vince says:

    I now have an older magic jack with 15 months of service left. If I get a new magicjack plus 2014, can I connect to my router and start using it immediately? Will it know my current number automatically? Can I split the output and have one to my phone and one to my fax?

  2. Charles Rice says:

    I just bought a MagicJack Plus and I’m having problems my phone line coming in to my
    computer is a dedicated circuit and has a dsl filter outside in phone box and one dsl filter
    where it plugs into the modem. If I unplug the filter at the modem the phone picks up a
    sound like 60 cycle hum. I requested the same number that I have been using and they
    tell me it takes ten days before we can receive any incoming calls. How do we know if the
    magic jack plus is working? Any help will be appreciated?

  3. Dennis Bryant says:

    FAQ–If I cut off my cable modem and router each night when I shut down my PC will that adversely impact Magic Jack? In other words will voice mail messages still be stored when outside callers call and get a busy signal or line temporarily unavailable? Will Magic Jack boot up each day once initially set up without any problems?

  4. Del Curry says:

    I work from home and have one number ported to my home number. Will one magic jack work for both numbers or will I require two units?

  5. Robust Montealto says:

    i plan to buy that magicjack plus 2014. i am here in makati , philippines. how much will it will cost me including shipping charges? and how long it will take reach my purchase magicjack plus 2014 to my hometown?


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